About us


Welcome to a colorful, pleasant, and unique virtual place!

I founded JOYasForYou with an idea to launch online fashion jewelry and accessories shop for trendy women in Canada.

I’m passionate about choosing perfect and unique jewelry pieces for any occasion and planning to constantly expand the range of brands in the store.

Before founding JOYasForYou I had been working with jewelry and accessories for 6 years, choosing and supplying goods to different stores from Spain, France, Poland, Romania, Thailand, and China.

Currently, JOYasForYou ships worldwide with a primary customer base located in Canada and the USA.

In my online store, you can purchase fashion accessories and costume jewelry made of leather, fused glass, cotton, plexiglass, and pieces with silver patina.

Let’s make our life more fashionable, noticeable, and unique!


The owner and CEO JOYasForYou